Westmoreland County

Joseph Massaro

Massaro Law LLC 152 East Otterman St Greensburg, PA 15601 P: (724) 834-5500 F: (724) 834-5529 jmassaroesq@comcast.net massarolaw.net Westmoreland County

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Michael D. Ferguson

Ferguson Law Associates 400 Main St Latrobe, PA 15650 P: (724) 537-7671 F: (724) 537-7460 mferguson@fergusonlawassociates.com fergusonlawassociates.com Westmoreland County

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Bonnie L. Kift

PC-Bonnie Kift

Law Office of Bonnie L. Kift 121 St Clair Circle Ligonier, PA  15658 P: (724) 238-2410 F: (724) 238-9418 bonniekiftesq@aol.com Westmoreland County As of May 15, 2014, I am honored to be appointed Chair of the PBA Civil and Equal Rights Committee [CERC]. December 2, 2014, I was elected President of the Western District of PA Chapter of the Federal Bar Association. December 3, 2014, I was inducted as a Fellow into the 1911Society at Duquesne U. Law.  I had been nominated and elected a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation in the fall and then also was sworn into the

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John M. Hauser III

Latrobe Law Associates, LLC 206 Weldon St Latrobe, PA  15650 P: (724) 539-1111 F: (724) 539-1113 John@latrobelaw.net latrobelaw.net Westmoreland County

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Cindy Stine


Stine & Associates, P.C. 231 S Main St, Ste 205  Greensburg, PA 15601 P: (724) 837-0160 F: (724) 832-8747 cindy@stinelawfirm.com stinelawfirm.com Westmoreland County

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