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The purpose for which the WPTLA and its western Pennsylvania predecessors were organized was to promote, improve and advance the common interest of all members in the causes of trial advocacy, trial by jury and in encouraging fellowship and understanding between the members of the bar and the members of the judiciary.
WPTLA strives to be a voice for injured victims and to uphold and defend their rights under the American legal system, including trial by jury.
The objective of the association is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to advance the cause of trial advocacy through education, training, and publications, to uphold the dignity of the profession of the law, to encourage fellowship and understanding between the members of the bar and the members of the judiciary, and to improve the adversary system while advancing the cause of trial by jury and the rights of our clients.


  • Michael J. Pawk
  • Jonathan B. Mack
  • Joseph R. Froetschel
  • Renee A. Metal
  • Neil R. Rosen
  • Max Petrunya
  • Jeremy J. Davis
  • Carl R. Schiffman
  • Not-Pictured-WPTLA
    Heather M. Hamilton
  • chris miller WPTLA
    Christopher M. Miller
  • Bernard R. Rizza
  • Shawn David Kressley
  • Craig E. Simpson
  • Janice M. Savinis
  • John P. Goodrich
  • Raymond J. Conlon
  • Grant C. Travis
  • Thomas W. King III
  • Scott L. Melton
  • Not-Pictured-WPTLA
    Cindy Stine
  • Francis D. Wymard
  • George M. Kontos
  • Mark Homyak
    Mark J. Homyak
  • Shelley Elovitz
  • Karesa M. Rovnan
  • Richard W. Epstein
  • Not-Pictured-WPTLA
    John D. Finnegan
  • Louis M. Tarasi, Jr.
  • Paul A. Lagnese
  • Not-Pictured-WPTLA
    Robert L. Jennings, Jr.
  • Stephen P. Moschetta
  • Dorothy J. Dohanics
  • Mark E. Milsop
  • Edward A. Shenderovich
  • Not-Pictured-WPTLA
    Anthony J. D'Amico
  • Thomas A. Will
  • Jason E. Matzus
  • Thomas S. Talarico
  • John Linkosky
  • Thomas E. Crenney
  • John R. Kane
  • Alan L. Pepicelli
  • Anthony C. Mengine
  • Robert N. Peirce, Jr.
  • Kelly M. Tocci
  • Joseph P. Moschetta
  • Peter D. Giglione
  • Not-Pictured-WPTLA
    Michael J. D'Amico
  • Cynthia M. Danel
  • Joshua P. Geist
  • Victor Pribanic
  • Michael D. Ferguson
  • Harry M. Paras
  • John P. Gismondi
  • PC-Bonnie Kift
    Bonnie L. Kift
  • Gianni Floro
  • Matthew T. Logue
  • Dennis A. Liotta
  • PC-HowardSchulberg
    Howard Schulberg
  • Todd Berkey
  • James T. Tallman
  • PC-JulianGray
    Julian Gray
  • Thomas D. Hall
  • Michael Balzarini
  • Joseph A. George
  • Tim Riley
  • Samuel J. Davis
  • Jason M. Lichtenstein
  • Gregory R. Unatin
  • PC-Pat Murray
    Patrick W. Murray
  • Robert F. Daley
  • John E. Quinn
  • Howard A. Specter
  • Lawrence M. Kelly
  • Harry S. Cohen
  • Shaheen Z. Wallace
  • Charles W. Garbett
  • Elizabeth A. Chiappetta
  • Colin A. Morgan
  • Kenneth G. Fawcett
  • Charles E. Evans
  • Ronald T. Conway
  • James E. DePasquale
  • Richard M. Rosenthal
  • Caitlin M. Harrington
  • Michael P. O'Day
  • Sam Mack
  • Bruce E. Mattock
  • G. Clinton Kelley
  • John M. Hauser III
  • Troy M. Frederick
  • Nathaniel B. Smith
  • Bernard C. Caputo
  • Alan H. Perer
  • Douglas J. Olcott
  • PC-Richard Schubert
    Richard J. Schubert
  • Charles F. Bowers III
  • PC-Tim Conboy
    Timothy Conboy
  • Patrick L. Sullivan
  • PC-Larry Chaban
    Lawrence R. Chaban
  • Joseph Massaro
  • Michael J. Gallucci
  • Paul A. Tershel
  • PC-EricPurchase
    Eric Purchase
  • Jon R. Perry
  • Not-Pictured-WPTLA
    Dennis G. Kuftic
  • James W. Manolis
  • Erin K. Rudert
  • Edgar M. Snyder
  • Edward H. Walter
  • Charles F. Bowers, Jr.
  • Frank G. Verterano
  • Louis B. Loughren
  • William F. Goodrich
  • Craig E. Frischman
  • James T. Davis
  • Bernard D. Marcus
  • Patrick J. Loughren
  • Thomas C. Baumann
  • David M. Landay
  • Not-Pictured-WPTLA
    Richard J. Catalano
  • Keith R. McMillen
  • Rudolph L. Massa
  • Bryan-Neiderhiser WPTLA
    Bryan S. Neiderhiser
  • Craig Murphey
  • Jonathan Stewart
  • Veronica Richards
    Veronica Richards
  • Steven M. Barth
  • Jerry I. Meyers
  • Michael Gianantonio
  • Rolf L. Patberg
  • Michael C. George
  • Dallas W. Hartman
  • Not-Pictured-WPTLA
    Andrew J. Leger, Jr.
  • Gregory M. Rosatelli
  • Christina Gill Roseman
  • Michael H. Rosenzweig
  • David P. Chervenick
  • Not-Pictured-WPTLA
    Elaine Specter
  • Merle Kramer Mermelstein
  • Richard C. Levine
  • sandy neuman WPTLA
    Sandra S. Neuman
  • Not-Pictured-WPTLA
    Andrew M. Hladio
  • John A. Caputo
  • Paul J. Giuffre


The WPTLA is actively involved in community service based projects around the Pittsburgh community. Learn More about our work with the Pittsburgh Steelwheelers, Habitat for Humanity, and other projects… WPTLA & Community Service >

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