Attendees: Attendee 1

First Name: Delilah Patterson

Last Name: Dakota Mccarty

Email Address:

Firm Name: Barbara Yang

Phone: +1 (932) 296-1608

Fee Name: WPTLA Business Partner

Fee Price: $0

Entree Selection: Double Tenderloin

Attendee 2

First Name: Keith Burke

Last Name: Margaret Raymond

Email Address:

Phone: +1 (769) 739-1858

Fee Name: Invited Guest

Fee Price: $0

Entree Selection: Vegan

Attendee 3

First Name: Price Holland

Last Name: Chloe Brady

Email Address:

Phone: +1 (456) 459-8431

Fee Name: Member Registration

Fee Price: $120

Entree Selection: Seared Tenderloin with Crab Cake

Total: $120.00

Payment Method: Check Mailed to WPTLA

Payment Status: COMPLETED

Event Name: Annual Judiciary Dinner