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Trial Guides’s mission is to help all lawyers improve their skills by teaching the methods developed and used by the nation’s leading trial lawyers and trial consultants. They have always supported the importance of local, state and national trial lawyer associations by obtaining great keynote speakers for their conferences, distributing videos at discounts to help fund TLA’s, and providing payments to TLAs.

In that end, Trial Guides has started an affiliate program that allows lawyers to support their TLA’s through their purchase of Trial Guide products. Using the link provided to purchase products from their web site, our members enable WPTLA to receive commission on those orders.  This is applicable only for orders that are placed directly through our affiliate link.

“Thank you for coordinating a successful online fund drive for Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Because of groups like yours, we are able to distribute food to our neighbors in need during this critical time. Your donation is providing hope to individuals like Nancy, who turned to the Food Bank when her disability bills and the pandemic placed her in a food crisis. View her full story here.”

– Community Fundraising Coordinator,
Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank
  • Joseph A. George
  • David C. Serene
  • Michael George
  • Samuel J. Davis
  • George M. Kontos
  • Nathaniel B. Smith
  • Lawrence M. Kelly
  • Julian E. Gray
  • Frank G. Verterano
  • William F. Goodrich
  • PC-Larry Chaban
    Lawrence R. Chaban
  • Caitlin M. Harrington
  • James G. Bordas III
  • John A. Biedrzycki III
  • Mitchell H. Dugan
  • Victor Pribanic
  • John P. Goodrich
  • George R. Farneth II
  • Bruce E. Mattock
  • Paul A. Lagnese
  • Nora Gieg Chatha
  • Drew R. Rummel
  • Grant C. Travis
  • Paul A. Tershel
  • Richard G. Talarico
  • James E. DePasquale
  • Alex J. Perry
  • Thomas A. Will
  • Holly L. Deihl
  • Gregory R. Unatin
  • Kelly M. Tocci
  • Joshua P. Geist
  • chris miller WPTLA
    Christopher M. Miller
  • Harry M. Paras
  • Gianni Floro
  • Bernard C. Caputo
  • Richard J. Schubert
  • Peter D. Friday
  • Neil Rosen
  • Anthony J. D'Amico
  • Charles F. Bowers III
  • John A. Caputo
  • Merle K. Mermelstein
  • Richard C. Levine
  • Timothy Conboy
  • Curt W. McMillen
  • Michael J. D'Amico
  • Jeremy J. Davis
  • Lauren M. Kelly Gielarowski
  • Thomas C. Baumann
  • Mark A. Smith
  • Samuel L. Mack
  • Jennifer L. Webster
  • Shawn D. Kressley
  • James T. Davis
  • Joseph Massaro
  • Sandra S. Neuman
  • Andrew J. Leger, Jr.
  • G. Clinton Kelley
  • Daniel Joseph
  • Bryan S. Neiderhiser
  • John M. Hauser, III
  • Beth M. Tarasi
  • Thomas E. Crenney
  • Craig Murphey
  • Chad McMillen
  • Robert F. Daley
  • Erin K. Rudert
  • Craig E. Simpson
  • Bradley E. Holuta
  • John R. Kane
  • Michael D. Ferguson
  • Mark E. Milsop
  • Michael E. Megrey
  • Jon R. Perry
  • James T. Tallman
  • Thomas M. Huber
  • Karesa M. Rovnan
  • Richard W. Epstein
  • Craig E. Frischman
  • Phillip L. Clark, Jr.
  • Joseph R. Froetschel
  • Robert N. Peirce, III
  • Bruce S. Gelman
  • Matthew J. Lager
  • Harry S. Cohen
  • G. Christopher Apessos
  • James B. Lieber
  • Brandon R. Keller
  • James W. Manolis
  • Jason E. Matzus
  • Tim Riley
  • Richard J. Catalano
  • Raymond J. Conlon
  • Keith R. McMillen
  • Neil O'Donnell
  • Edward H. Walter
  • Patrick J. Loughren
  • Robert S. Marcus
  • Matthew J. Scanlon
  • John Adamczyk
  • Daniel J. Sammel
  • Michael Gianantonio
  • Steven M. Barth
  • Elizabeth A. Chiappetta
  • Jason M. Lichtenstein
  • Timothy G. Wojton
  • Eric Purchase
  • Russell J. Bopp
  • Ryan Carroll
  • Michael W. Calder
  • Kelton M. Burgess
  • Joseph P. Moschetta
  • Bernard R. Rizza
  • Rhett Cherkin
  • Kenneth G. Fawcett
  • Eve M. Elsen
  • David C. Moran
  • Mark Homyak
    Mark J. Homyak
  • Laura D. Phillips
  • Michael J. Gallucci
  • Janice M. Savinis
  • Alan H. Perer
  • John E. Quinn
  • Alan L. Pepicelli
  • Cindy Stine
  • James A. South
  • CJ Engel
  • Renee A. Metal
  • Cynthia M. Danel
  • Eugene Richard Ogrodowski
  • Matthew T. Logue
  • Adam E. Barnett
  • Gianna M. Kelly
  • Michael H. Rosenzweig
  • David M. Landay
  • Benjamin W. Schweers
  • Terrence M. Ging
  • Stephen P. Moschetta
  • Sean J. Carmody


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