2017-2018 Committees, Chairs and Members

The Advocate
Erin K. Rudert, Editor
Eric J. Purchase, Mandatory Chair
Business Partners
Lawrence M. Kelly, Chair
Comeback Award
David M. Landay, Co-Chair
Max Petrunya, C0-Chair
Community Outreach
Bryan S. Neiderhiser, Mandatory Chair
Gregory R. Unatin, Co-Chair
, Chair
Bryan S. Neiderhiser, Mandatory Chair
, Co-Chair
Golf Outing
, Chair
Judiciary Dinner
Mark E. Milsop, Mandatory Chair
David M. Landay
Bryan S. Neiderhiser
Steven M. Barth, Chair
Plaintiff’s-Only Database
Christopher M. Miller, Chair
President’s Challenge
5K Run/Walk/Wheel
Sean J. Carmody, Chair
Chad F. McMillen
David C. Zimmaro
Public Relations
Elizabeth A. Chiappetta, Chair
Charles W. Garbett, Chair
Web Site
David M. Landay, Mandatory Co-Chair